Market Wrap up

  • Republicans are on their way to achieving their first legislative victory

    16 Nov 2017 03:28 PM |

    With the beginning of today Australian employment change data continued to show the strength of the labor market,

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  • Eyes today will be on US inflation data

    15 Nov 2017 12:10 PM |

    Japan's economy grew at its longest period in nearly 18 years during the third quarter of 2017

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  • Would BoE hike rates again due to a continuing rise in inflation?

    14 Nov 2017 03:01 PM |

    Inflation figures in the UK have stabilized at 3% in October, their highest level since April 2012. This was against all expectations,

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  • Weekly fundamental outlook

    13 Nov 2017 12:28 PM |

    After a week that was lacking in much important economic figures and events,

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  • The possibility of delayed US tax reforms weakening markets

    10 Nov 2017 03:20 PM |

    Today most of the global markets have been weakened by news that the proposed tax reforms could be delayed,

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  • The New Zealand Reserve hinted at raising interest rates sooner than expected

    9 Nov 2017 03:55 PM |

    Overnight the Reserve Bank of New Zealand held interest rates unchanged at 1.75% for the seventh straight meeting,

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  • Trump aims to expand China's market for American goods

    8 Nov 2017 03:06 PM |

    For the third day in a row this week, the economic calendar has no important economic data from the United States.

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