• The week ahead (24 – 28 July) : Nothing new expected from the US Fed

    23 Jul 2017 04:46 PM |

    We will have a new trading week, events and new economic data. This week, the focus will be on the USD and some events that will have a direct impact on it and whether it will recover or continue to weaken after failing to pass the health care law and market uncertainties about Trump's ability to achieve his electoral promises. Discover the most important market drivers during the week:

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  • Weekly Wrap Up (17 – 21 July )

    21 Jul 2017 06:50 PM |

    This week witnessed several important economic data and events that had a significant impact on market movements. The following are the highlights of these movements and their reasons:

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  • Daily Wrap Up – 20 July

    20 Jul 2017 06:56 PM |

    The Australian dollar bounced higher again to opening levels after falling in early trading, following Australian labor market data, which came within the expectations adding 14,000 jobs in June and participation rate rose to a 17-month high of 65%. The reason of declining of AUD is the downward revision of the employment change index and unemployment rate. The AUDUSD is now approaching its daily high of 0.7988, which is also its highest level in more than two years.

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  • Daily Wrap Up – 19 July

    19 Jul 2017 06:22 PM |

    The economic calendar was not full of major economic events today. Most of the moves was in the trading range since of the beginning of the week, as markets awaiting a number of economic data tomorrow, as the Bank of Japan's monetary policy decision is likely to remain unchanged, plus that markets will also be looking closely at the ECB's statement and whether Draghi will give any hint on tightening monetary policy or easing the monetary easing program.

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  • Daily Wrap Up – 18 July

    18 Jul 2017 07:36 PM |

    The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) showed optimism for the Australian economy to grow in the second quarter of 2017 as the bank's decision to hold interest rates at 1.50% at its historic low earlier this month as consumption growth recovered despite pressure from high levels of debt. The Australian dollar rose strongly against the US dollar, reaching a two-year high of 0.7942.

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  • Daily Wrap Up – 17 July

    17 Jul 2017 07:10 PM |

    Asian stocks rose today to their highest level in two years, supported by the unexpected growth of the Chinese economy. Chinese stocks managed to erase their sharp losses at the start of trading after data showed the growth of the second largest economy in the world slightly stronger than expected at 6.9% This is due to strong industrial production, which recorded the highest rise since April 2016, as well as retail sales and exports.

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  • The week ahead (17 – 21 July ) : Many data attract the attention of markets

    16 Jul 2017 11:19 PM |

    The attention is once again turning to a number of central banks, waiting for what they will decide and whether it will turn towards narrowing the gap between their policies and the policy of the FED, which is on the path of tightening monetary policy and raise interest again before the end of this year. On the other hand, the markets keep their eyes on the Chinese economy and the data that may confirm the stability of the second largest global economies.

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