Equiti Group hires Gabriela Liber for institutional FX sales

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Gabriela Liber

Equiti Group Hires Experienced Institutional FX Sales Exec Gabriela Liber

12 Feb 2018

Equiti Group has acquired top talent to boost its institutional business team. The company is on-boarding veteran eFX industry sales executive Gabriela Liber. She is joining the company after holding numerous senior FX sales roles at reputable firms like Credit Suisse, Saxo Bank, Thomson Reuters and Merrill Lynch.

Gabriela Liber will be holding the position of a Senior Manager of Institutional Sales for Equiti Group. The strategic hire hints that the company is focusing additional resources on its institutional business at a time when the industry faces a slew of regulatory changes in retail.

Mrs Liber has gained invaluable extensive international sales, trading and operational experience during her long tenure in institutional eFX. Her experience of over 17 years in the industry is a robust addition to the sales team of Equiti Group.

Commenting on the appointment, the Global Head of Institutional Sales, of Equiti Group, Mr Hormoz Faryar, said: “Gabriela’s deep industry expertise, understanding of liquidity management and FX sales as well as her broad international experience will provide much-needed support to our rapidly growing institutional business.”

“We are particularly pleased to attract a senior manager of Gabriela’s caliber. Her appointment reflects our commitment to the institutional business,” Mr Faryar elaborated.

A Raft of Experience

Mrs Liber’s previous positions include a Director of Liquidity Management at TradAir, Director of FX Sales at TraderTools and a raft of senior FX sales roles at Credit Suisse, Thomson Reuters, Saxo Bank and Meryll Lynch.

“I’m absolutely delighted to join this dynamic and rapidly growing global company. Divisa Capital and Equiti Group have developed very interesting products for a wide variety of clients,” Mrs Liber commented.

Elaborating on the role of the institution business for Equiti Group, its CEO, Iskandar Najjar said, “We strive to employ the best and most experienced talent to provide an exceptional level of excellence and professionalism to our clients and the industry. Strategic new hires that are strongly aligned to the needs of the business are fundamental to Equiti Group’s global growth strategy.”

This article originally appeared on FinanceMagnates.com