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The UK general election is just one day away and the Conservative and Labour parties are neck and neck in the polls. Who will win and how will the market react?

Global bitcoin prices had been experiencing a rollercoaster of volatility at the end of May, following a steady rise all-month long. The sharp fluctuations that had taken place over the last week have seemingly stabilized now.

Oil prices have surged by over 2.0% on Monday following an announcement from Saudi Arabia and Russia that the cut on the production of crude oil will be extended for a further nine months, until March 2018.

Topular cryptocurrency reached a major milestone on Tuesday, as it cements its position as a serious contender. Bitcoin had been on an astronomical rise over the past month, increasing in price by 43% and leaving investors clamouring for a piece of the $28 billion pie.

If you already know what is forex and how forex works, you can explore the top 10 benefits of forex trading below, among many other advantages that you’ll discover on your trading journey.

Jubilant crowds gathered outside the Louvre Museum in Paris on Sunday night to celebrate Emmanuel Macron’s decisive victory against his electoral and ideological rival Marine Le Pen, and usher their candidate into the Elysee Palace. A hotbed of Macron support, Paris is where the independent centrist won 90% of the vote, and the story was similar across other major cities. Macron’s popularity with the young and urban demographic had helped him gather over 65% of the overall vote in an election that had laid bare the political and social fault lines present in France.

The French presidential election is being viewed as post-Brexit Europe’s most important political development, and for good measure. The integrity of the European Union itself hinges upon the outcome and investors are wary of possible ramifications. As we head into the second round of voting this Sunday, here are 5 things you need to know about the French election. 1.

The first round of the French presidential election wrapped up on Sunday with no candidate garnering a majority, so we’re headed to round two in what’s likely to be a closely watched vote. We’ll briefly recap what’s happened, what’s coming up and what the implications are for the forex market.

Forex (also abbreviated as FX) stands for Foreign Exchange, and in simplest terms it’s the market where foreign currencies are traded. With an average daily trading volume of over $4 trillion, the forex market is the largest financial market in the world, dwarfing the stock market in sheer size and liquidity. This makes forex trading an attractive option for all traders, and provides great advantages and opportunities for the active trader compared to other markets.