Últimas Noticias

  • European stocks rise amid optimism about trade talks

    12 feb. 2019 11:49 a.m. |

    European shares opened higher on Tuesday as investors welcomed signs of a compromise

  • Gold is on the way to record its first weekly loss in 3 weeks

    8 feb. 2019 10:48 a.m. |

    Gold settled on Friday on fears that US and China trade war could worsen the global economic slowdown

  • US crude oil inventories rise less than expected at 1.1 million barrels

    30 ene. 2019 09:06 a.m. |

    The US Petroleum Institute said that US crude oil stocks rose last week, as gasoline stocks increased

  • White House denies China offer to hold trade talks

    23 ene. 2019 12:10 p.m. |

    A senior White House official denied media reports Tuesday that US rejected a China offer

  • European stocks fall at the start of the week

    14 ene. 2019 11:10 a.m. |

    European stocks fall at the start of the week on the decline with the decline of investor sentiment on the background of China's economic data

  • IFO sees slower growth of Eurozone economy

    8 ene. 2019 12:27 p.m. |

    The IFO says economic growth in the euro area has already slowed down recently

  • Fed member: US economy is very strong

    8 ene. 2019 09:44 a.m. |

    The US Federal Reserve and Chairman Atlanta Bostic said the US economy is very strong.

  • Danske Bank forecasts to US interest rate decision today

    19 dic. 2018 10:11 a.m. |

    Danske Bank commented on the US interest rate decision, pointing out that the markets will be waiting for the meeting this evening