Últimas Noticias

  • Oil is stable as production in US reached record level

    8 nov. 2018 10:59 a.m. |

    Oil prices held steady on Thursday that it came under pressure as US became the world's largest producer

  • Low wages puts the Bank of Japan in impasse

    7 nov. 2018 09:50 a.m. |

    Japan's wage growth slowed in September for the second straight month as government data

  • Bad debt and Brexit among the biggest risks facing European banks

    30 oct. 2018 02:37 p.m. |

    The European Central Bank said today that credit risk, cybercrime and Brexit are

  • Japanese Finance Minister: There are many positive effects for monetary easing

    30 oct. 2018 02:00 p.m. |

    Japanese Finance Minister Aso pointed out that there are many positive effects resulting from the expansionary monetary policy

  • Kuroda: I want to keep the exchange rate stable in the coming months

    16 oct. 2018 11:34 a.m. |

    BOJ Governor Kuroda said he wanted to keep the exchange rate stable in the coming months. His most prominent comments were as follows:

  • Amazon raises minimum wage starting next month

    2 oct. 2018 02:49 p.m. |

    Amazon will raise its minimum wage to $ 15 an hour for its employees in the United States starting next month as

  • International Energy Agency warns of high oil prices

    13 sept. 2018 11:13 a.m. |

    The IEA's comments in the monthly oil market report are as follows:

  • Australian economy grew better than expected in Q2

    5 sept. 2018 08:45 a.m. |

    Australian GDP grew in the second quarter better than market expectations, rising by 3.4% on yearly basis, according to data from the National Bureau