Equiti Group releases first in-depth World Economic Performance Report

1 December 2017

Equiti Group releases first in-depth World Economic Performance Report

Equiti Group, the parent company of prime brokerage provider Divisa Capital and Retail FX arm Equiti Global Markets (Equiti.com), has released its first in-depth World Economic Performance Report, published in both English and Arabic.

The report provides comprehensive fundamental and market analysis, and insights on key global market as well as commodities and currencies, and their impact on global performance.

The in-depth report provides expert analysis into the events and developments that have shaped the year so far. It’s divided into easy-to-navigate segments and covers all the major economies of the world, collectively painting a clear picture of the global economic performance at large. It shows the movers and shakers of global markets and the annual change in instrument’s prices, highlighting the main factors that cause these changes.

The report has been compiled by a team of analysts and experts headed by Raed Alkhedr, head of market research and analysis at Equiti Group.

Commenting on the US and Chinese markets, Mr. Alkhedr said:

"If the US and Chinese economies remain at the same pace of growth, the Chinese economy would surpass its US counterpart by 2027, currently the United States is approaching 2.5% annually and China 7%. The US economy is now about one and a half times the Chinese economy. But China is the world’s largest trading giant with a trade volume nearly USD 4 trillion."

For the report see:

English: http://www.equiti.com/media/4954/report-doc-design-final-english.pdf

Arabic: http://www.equiti.com/media/4953/report-doc-design-final-arabic.pdf

Equiti Group stated that its next World Economic Performance Report will include a 2017 overview and 2018 outlook.