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Navigate the investment landscape of 2019

with a comprehensive report about the global economy.

Equiti’s annual report covers the economic highlights of 2018 with the purpose of helping you make your 2019 financial decisions.

This report addresses frequently asked questions about the state of the global economy, especially the million-dollar question:

are we heading towards a recession? The report also sheds light on major events that shape the global investment landscape, such as Brexit, growth in the Eurozone, what’s behind the fluctuation of oil prices, opportunities and adversities facing both Australia and Japan, and what’s in store for gold and cryptocurrencies.

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Prepared by Our Professional Analysts

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Raed Alkhedr

Regional Head Market Research & Analysis, Equiti

Sarkis Tchoporyan

Market Analyst, Equiti Group (Jordan)

Our annual report looks into the influence of events that impacted the global economy 2018, summarizes the main data announcements of the world’s biggest economies, and analyzes the likely path ahead for major currencies, indices, and commodities in 2019.

The report covers major topics, including:

  • The impact of the trade war on individual investors as well as on the global economy.
  • The direction of oil prices amidst the conflict between OPEC’s attempts to raise them and the US President’s demands for lowering them.
  • The facts behind the global economy’s slowdown.
  • The effect of political tensions on the growth of the Eurozone’s economy.
  • Brexit scenarios and the subsequent impact on the UK’s economy.

Currencies Performance

Brexit’s Fate

Trade War

Oil Prices

Gold’s Indicator

Economic Slowdown