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Spreads Average Samples

Time FrameSpread Level
Period 10.0 pips
Period 21.1 pips
Period 30.8 pips

Minimum Spread / 0.0 Pips

Average Spread / 0.2 Pips



When looking at pricing pay attention to the average spread instead of the minimum to be sure that most of the time, you’ll actually get the pricing you see advertised on a broker’s website, and not once in a while. The minimum spread level may be available once a month, but you need better pricing every day, so the average spread is always a better reference point to judge on.



Currency pairMin Spread (pips)Average Spread (pips)



A. Swap rates can be found under the specification in the MarketWatch on the MT4 platform.

B. Variable Spreads can widen during overnight hours.

C. Trading may be suspended for some FX pairs between 20:59 - 21:01 GMT due to the liquidity at the end of the US session.

*Trading hours can change due to public holidays.

Please note that liquidity and spreads can change due to market conditions. The information in this table is correct at the time of publication, we reserve the right to change its contents at any time. For up to date information please refer to the trading platform or call the support desk.

The spread for most of the accounts is not fixed and changes over periods of time. It can change every minute over the course of a day and depends on market conditions, so you can never be guaranteed to get the minimum spread brokers to advertise.


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