• Kuroda: BoJ will adjust monetary policy if necessary

    15 Jan 2018 09:17 AM |

    Following are the main points made by BoJ Governor Kuroda:

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  • Japanese economy expected to be affected by the Corona epidemic in 2020

    14 Feb 2020 02:43 PM |

    The expectations of a Reuters survey indicate that the corona epidemic may lead to a 0.2% shaving in the growth rate of the Japanese economy during the year 2020, due to its impact on exports, factory output and tourism.

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  • Weak consumption pushed German economy to stagnate

    14 Feb 2020 12:25 PM |

    German economy suffered from stagnation in the fourth quarter in 2019, as private consumption and state spending lost momentum, according to preliminary data this morning.

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  • European stocks open mixed in the end of the week

    14 Feb 2020 11:14 AM |

    There is still a state of uncertainty dominating the global stock markets

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  • Moody's: Global economic growth may slow down in 2020

    14 Feb 2020 10:27 AM |

    Moody's confirmed that the global economic growth may suffer from slowdown in 2020, and has returned those expectations based on uncertainty

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  • French unemployment to lowest levels for 11 years

    13 Feb 2020 02:44 PM |

    French unemployment dropped unexpectedly at the end of last year to its lowest level for 11 years, boosting the economic front for the president Emmanuel Macron.

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  • RBA Governor: Economic outlook improved significantly

    13 Feb 2020 10:30 AM |

    RBA Governor Philip Lowe emphasized that economic prospects have improved greatly in recent times

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