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  • China criticizes growing trade protection and calls for a free global economy

    12 Nov 2018 11:04 AM |

    Chinese Prime Minister on Monday criticized growing trade protection, promising to open bigger doors to his country's economy.

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  • India plans to recruit half of its strategic oil reserves to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ADNOC

    12 Nov 2018 10:36 AM |

    Under the terms of the deal, ADNOC is allowed to sell oil to local refineries but gives the Indian government the right to draw oil in emergency situations.

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  • Saudi Arabia is cutting its oil production

    12 Nov 2018 09:50 AM |

    Saudi Arabia has indicated it will cut oil exports by up to half a million barrels a day in December, the first sign that OPEC has begun to cut output

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  • French finance minister: Europe is not ready to deal with a new crisis in the euro area

    12 Nov 2018 09:01 AM |

    During an interview with a German newspaper, French Finance Minister Le Mayer said the euro zone would not last long without financial convergence

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  • Nowotny: There is no risk of the Italian economy falling into recession

    9 Nov 2018 04:36 PM |

    European Central Bank monetary policy committee member Nowotny said there was no risk of recession in the economy

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  • $192.3 billion worth of US arms exports in 12 months

    9 Nov 2018 02:08 PM |

    US arms sales to foreign governments increased 13% to $192.3 billion in the 12 months to Sept.

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  • 25% Turkey's exemption from US oil sanctions on Iran

    9 Nov 2018 01:37 PM |

    Turkey received an exemption from about 25% of the US-imposed oil sanctions on Iran, equivalent to about 3 million tonnes of oil a year

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