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  • UK PM meets Trump on the sidelines of UN meetings

    25 Sep 2018 09:51 AM |

    The British Prime Minister, Theresa May will meet U.S. president Donald Trump in New York on Wednesday

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  • Highlights of the Bank of Japan meeting minutes

    25 Sep 2018 09:33 AM |

    The minutes of the BoJ meeting in July this morning confirm the members' agreement that

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  • UK may witness early new elections

    24 Sep 2018 01:50 PM |

    British Prime Minister Theresa May's top critic will make clear their demands today for Brexit, as the leader of the Conservative Party

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  • Canada and United States hold informal talks on NAFTA

    24 Sep 2018 11:55 AM |

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said informal talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) were likely to be held in the next few days

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  • Nowotny urges ECB to accelerate pace of tightening

    24 Sep 2018 10:15 AM |

    European Central Bank member Ewald Nowtny said that ECB should accelerate its exit from current monetary policy

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  • Davis asked May to hold snap elections in 2017

    21 Sep 2018 11:08 AM |

    David Davis, a former Brexit secretary, said he had asked British Prime Minister Theresa May to hold the disastrous snap election in 2017

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  • Trade and rate hikes in U.S. are significant risks to Mexican economy

    21 Sep 2018 10:44 AM |

    Mexico's Financial Stability Board said yesterday that the main risks to the Mexican financial system are escalating trade tensions

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