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  • Highlights of RBA meeting minutes

    19 Dec 2017 10:45 AM |

    Following are the highlights of the Reserve Bank of Australia's December meeting:

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  • Inflation in the euro area came in line with expectations

    18 Dec 2017 12:19 PM |

    The eurozone consumer price index rose 1.5% on yearly basis in November,

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  • Villeroy: Bitcoin is not a money, it's a tool for speculation

    18 Dec 2017 11:15 AM |

    Francois Villeroy, Governor of the Central Bank of France and member of the European Central Bank, made the following statement:

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  • Merkel: The second phase of the Brexit negotiations will be harder

    18 Dec 2017 09:41 AM |

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out that ECB Governor Draghi told

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  • Bank of Spain cuts its economic growth forecast

    15 Dec 2017 02:15 PM |

    The Bank of Spain expects the economy to grow by 3.1% this year, and to rise by

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  • Bundesbank sees the German economy reaching a strong state of growth

    15 Dec 2017 11:54 AM |

    Germany's Bundesbank has raised expectations for the growth of the German

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  • Junker: The second phase talks for Brexit will be harder

    15 Dec 2017 11:16 AM |

    Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, made the following statement:

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  • Highlights of the Bank of England's monetary policy summary

    14 Dec 2017 03:16 PM |

    Here are the highlights of monetary policy summary:

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