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  • Goldman Sachs delay US interest rate hike to next year

    21 Mar 2019 09:25 AM |

    Goldman Sachs delays its forecast to raise US interest rates from the fourth quarter of 2019 to next year.

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  • UK annual inflation rises from its lowest level in two years

    20 Mar 2019 02:53 PM |

    The annual rate of change in the UK CPI unexpectedly rose in February, but remained below the Bank of England's inflation target

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  • Palladium rises to record level due to lack of supply

    20 Mar 2019 12:59 PM |

    Palladium climbed to a record high on Wednesday due to a long-term supply shortfall,

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  • European stocks fell from a 6 month high

    20 Mar 2019 12:22 PM |

    European stocks fell from their highest level in nearly six months on Wednesday

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  • Kuroda: China's economy showing somewhat weak signs

    20 Mar 2019 10:25 AM |

    BOJ Governor Kuroda's comments on Chinese developments continue, stressing that there is a weakness in the economy

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  • Highlights of BOJ meeting minutes

    20 Mar 2019 09:27 AM |

    The Bank of Japan came at its meeting to clarify the state of disagreement among most members of the Monetary Policy Committee on the next step

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  • UK interest rate hike will remain on the table after labor market data

    19 Mar 2019 05:25 PM |

    Sterling prices have stabilized amid market anticipation for the Brexit developments and the latest developments

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  • الحكومة البريطانية لا تزال تخطط لإجراء تصويت ثالث

    19 Mar 2019 04:10 PM |

    قال وزير بريكست ، "ستيف باركلي"، إن التصويت على الصفقة هذا الأسبوع أصبح أقل احتمالاً الآن

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