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  • Palladium is at a record high amid fears of a ban on Russian production

    19 Mar 2019 10:01 AM |

    Palladium rose to a record on Tuesday as the threat of a ban on some Russian exports of the metal was added to concerns

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  • Nikkei closes lower amid large sell trades to take profit

    19 Mar 2019 09:29 AM |

    Japan's Nikkei closed lower on Tuesday as investors sold for take profit in export stocks, but losses curbed gains in the financial sector,

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  • Highlights of RBA meeting minutes

    19 Mar 2019 09:18 AM |

    RBA noted in the meeting that there is a state of uncertainty that overshadows the economic outlook.

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  • Nikkei rises driven by chip related stocks

    18 Mar 2019 10:13 AM |

    Japan's Nikkei closed higher Monday as chip related stocks trailed their emerging US counterparts

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  • Japan's exports fell for the third month in February

    18 Mar 2019 09:44 AM |

    Japan's exports fell for the third month in February in a sign of growing pressure on the trade dependent economy

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  • Saudi Arabia: OPEC may need to extend oil cuts until the end of 2019

    18 Mar 2019 08:52 AM |

    OPEC's mission to rebalance the oil market has not yet been completed, while global stockpiles

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  • UK economy may slow in the coming period

    18 Mar 2019 08:44 AM |

    UK Chamber of Commerce has cut its economic growth forecast in the coming period, with capital spending falling to its lowest level

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  • IEA: Oil market turns into lack of oil supply during second quarter

    15 Mar 2019 12:37 PM |

    IEA said on Friday that the oil market would turn into a crude supply shortfall beginning in the second quarter of this year

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