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  • BOJ keeps monetary policy unchanged

    15 Mar 2019 09:51 AM |

    BOJ decided to keep its current monetary policy unchanged at its March meeting this morning as expected

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  • China Prime Minister: The economy is facing new downward pressures

    15 Mar 2019 08:47 AM |

    Chinese Prime Minister Li Kig yang said the economy is facing new downward pressures.

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  • After rising to its highest level in 4 months.. Oil retreats and records $67.47

    14 Mar 2019 02:22 PM |

    Oil futures hit their highest level in four months on Thursday, but later fell after a report on a postponement

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  • UK parliament refuses to leave EU without deal

    14 Mar 2019 10:12 AM |

    UK MPs narrowly rejected the option of a UK exit from EU without a deal, but the risk of a sharp break

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  • PBOC: will closely monitor financial market developments

    14 Mar 2019 09:55 AM |

    PBOC said in a statement on Thursday that it was closely monitoring global financial market developments

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  • EU is ready to take into consideration UK request for Brexit

    13 Mar 2019 01:58 PM |

    EU has expressed willingness to take into consideration request for "justified motives" to defer a Brexit,

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  • Parliament rejects Theresa May plan to exit from EU

    13 Mar 2019 11:06 AM |

    UK lawmakers rejected the amended deal reached by UK Prime Minister Teresa May with EU on the departure of her country from the regional bloc, the Brexit

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  • Nikkai fell on fears of UK exit without deal

    13 Mar 2019 10:21 AM |

    The Nikkei average closed lower on Wednesday as weak orders on machinery sent manufacturers and exporters down

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