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  • European stocks rise after UK receives guarantees for the ECB

    12 Mar 2019 01:16 PM |

    Irish shares outperformed the rest of the eurozone on Tuesday after a new agreement by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

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  • Japan's Nikkei rises to 6 day high

    12 Mar 2019 10:33 AM |

    Japan's Nikkei rose to a six day high on Tuesday amid broad-based buying thanks to a combination of a rally

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  • BOJ Member: All necessary measures must be taken to support inflation

    12 Mar 2019 10:29 AM |

    A member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Japan indicated that all necessary measures should be taken

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  • Oil prices fell as US drilling activity declined

    11 Mar 2019 12:55 PM |

    Oil prices rose Monday supported by comments from Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih

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  • European stocks are recovering with news of a merger

    11 Mar 2019 12:11 PM |

    European shares recovered on Monday as the banking sector surged on merger news that helped ease concerns about a global economic slowdown

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  • Chinese car sales fell 14% in February

    11 Mar 2019 10:42 AM |

    China's car sales fell 13.8% in February from a year earlier, marking the eighth straight month of decline in the world's largest auto market

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  • Trump will ask for $8.6 billion to build a wall with Mexico today

    11 Mar 2019 10:23 AM |

    US President Donald Trump will ask Monday for $8.6 billion in 2020 budget to fund the wall he wants to build on the border with Mexico

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  • ECB cuts its growth forecast for the eurozone economy

    8 Mar 2019 10:49 AM |

    The European Central Bank has sharply cut its growth forecast for the euro zone economy over the next two years and next.

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