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  • Japan's Nikkei falls to a three week low

    8 Mar 2019 10:15 AM |

    Japan's Nikkei closed down to a three week low on Friday as risk appetite eased due to poor outlook

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  • BOJ Deputy Governor: more expansion tools is not impossible

    8 Mar 2019 09:18 AM |

    BOJ Deputy Governor noted that the possibility of resorting to more expansion tools is not impossible

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  • Oil rises amid global supplies as sanctions against Venezuela and Iran continue

    7 Mar 2019 12:57 PM |

    WTI rose to around $57 a barrel as global supplies tightened as sanctions against Venezuela and Iran continued and OPEC cut production levels

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  • European stocks fell with a state of caution

    7 Mar 2019 10:48 AM |

    European stocks opened lower on Thursday as investors took a cautious stance as Asian and Wall Street stocks fell on expectations of a US and China trade deal

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  • Williams: Strong economic growth and low inflation may be lead to cut rates

    7 Mar 2019 09:48 AM |

    If the economy continues to grow at a strong pace as inflation falls, then we may need lower interest rates than current levels

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  • UBS expect RBA cuts interest rates in July and August meetings

    7 Mar 2019 09:30 AM |

    UBS cut its expectations for the Australian interest, and even suggested that RBA could decide to cut rates by 25 basis points

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  • Nikkei falls from its highest level in three months

    6 Mar 2019 10:52 AM |

    Japan's Nikkei Stock Average continued its decline from a three month high on Wednesday after weak US equities

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  • China seeks to increase income and consumption to cope with slowing growth

    6 Mar 2019 10:05 AM |

    Trade tensions with US continues and impact on China's economy. These issues dominate the National People's Congress

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