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  • Japanese Finance Minister: We watch the movements of financial markets cautiously

    8 Jan 2019 08:47 AM |

    Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said Tuesday morning that the government is monitoring the movements of financial markets cautiously

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  • The US Dollar was the worst performer in today's trading

    7 Jan 2019 03:44 PM |

    The US dollar fell sharply on Friday to become one of the worst-performing currencies on the back of a state

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  • China expects the foreign exchange market to stabilize in 2019

    7 Jan 2019 11:32 AM |

    China's foreign exchange management expects foreign exchange market stability and exchange rate movements in 2019

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  • RBC forecasts for US, UK, and Australian interest rate decision during 2019

    7 Jan 2019 08:54 AM |

    RBC lowered its US interest rate hike four times to twice in 2019 after the Fed's last meeting, maybe the first hike in second quarter

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  • IMF: The world is not ready for recession

    7 Jan 2019 08:26 AM |

    First Deputy President of the International Monetary Fund, David Lipton, said that the world is not ready for recession at the moment

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  • European stocks rise before US NFP data

    4 Jan 2019 11:30 AM |

    European stocks started trading last week in the positive range as investor risk appetite improved

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  • Japan Deputy Minister of Finance: closely watch the movements of FX market

    4 Jan 2019 10:58 AM |

    Japan's Deputy Finance Minister Asakawa said they closely watch the movements of FX market and whether speculation is behind forex moves

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  • Kuroda: Markets somewhat rough affected by unexpected external developments

    4 Jan 2019 09:56 AM |

    Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda said the markets are somewhat rough and are heavily influenced by unexpected external developments

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