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  • European stocks fell from an eight month high

    24 Apr 2019 12:08 PM |

    European shares fell from an eight month high on Wednesday after worries over China's suspension of easing monetary policy

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  • Inflation data puts RBA under pressure and opens the door to interest rate cuts

    24 Apr 2019 10:19 AM |

    Australian CPI growth stabilized in the first quarter of this year, registering the slowest pace of growth since the beginning of 2016

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  • US will end the exceptions for all Iranian oil importers

    22 Apr 2019 10:36 AM |

    US is expected to announce on Monday that all Iranian oil importers should end their imports shortly after or face US sanctions, a well-informed source said

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  • Oil prices hit their highest level since late 2018

    22 Apr 2019 09:18 AM |

    Oil prices rose about 3% on Monday to their highest levels since late 2018 as the United States is due to announce that all Iranian oil imports must end or be subject to sanctions.

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  • Little change in major currencies as the holidays continue

    22 Apr 2019 08:35 AM |

    As official holidays in many countries have continued globally, there has been little change in major currency movements with the opening of weekly trading this morning.

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  • Nikkei closes higher as investors buy stocks related to economic cycle

    19 Apr 2019 10:51 AM |

    Japan's Nikkei closed higher Friday as investors bought up stocks linked to the economic session

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  • Japan's core inflation rate rose slightly in March

    19 Apr 2019 10:37 AM |

    Japan's core inflation rate rose marginally in March from a year earlier, but remained far from the Bank of Japan's 2% target

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  • Fed member: become more confident about 2019 outlook

    19 Apr 2019 09:42 AM |

    US Federal Reserve member Kaplan said he was more confident about growth prospects for 2019

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