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Britain leaves the European Union tonight

31 Jan 2020 02:19 PM

The United Kingdom will leave the European Union Friday evening amid a mysterious Brexit future, which is the most important change of its position in the world since the loss of the empire, and the country will leave an hour before midnight from the union that it joined in 1973, and has moved to a transitional period that maintains membership except for the loss of the kingdom United voted for it until the end of this year.

In one fell swoop, the European Union will be deprived of 15% of its economy, the largest military spender and an international financial capital in London.

Little will actually change until the end of 2020, the time when Johnson promised to conclude a large-scale free trade agreement with the European Union, the world's largest trade bloc.

For supporters, Britain's exit from the European Union is a "day of independence" a dream for the United Kingdom, fleeing what they saw as a doomed project controlled by the Germans and failing its population of 500 million.

Opponents believe that Britain's exit from the European Union is a folly that would weaken the West, blow up the remaining global influence of the United Kingdom, undermine its economy and ultimately lead to a group of more isolated and less global islands in the North Atlantic.