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How can Trump’s investigations affect global markets?

17 Dec 2019 11:40 AM

AUD saw some decline this Tuesday morning, against the backdrop of the announcement of the minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia meeting in December and its assurance that continuing low interest rates for an extended period is unavoidable with the continued weakness of the labor market and the slowdown in wage growth against inflation and consumption targets.

The bank also indicated that the decision to cut interest remains on the table if conditions warrant that the Australian dollar retreat to 0.6850 levels, and our negative expectations remain in the coming period, especially with the strength of the US dollar as a result of the start of a significant improvement in economic data in the United States of America the last period.

But the situation must be taken into consideration that there is a state of uncertainty that still dominates the local American developments, which of course casts a shadow on global developments as a whole, namely the possibility of directing legal accountability to Trump this week if the House of Representatives voted on the accusations of the Republican President of the United States of seeking to pressure Ukraine for the sake of achieving With his potential rival of Democrats tomorrow.

Gold continues to stabilize below $1480 an ounce with the mystery of global developments, whether developments are coming in the file of trade war or in the accountability of Trump to keep our neutral outlook based on the yellow metal unless the price closes above the mentioned level.

The British pound began to lose much of its value that it gained at the end of last week after the Republican Party led by Johnson won the majority of the Parliament against the backdrop of the continued contraction of the main sectors in the United Kingdom other than Johnson's strong and strong statements regarding the Brexit that he may use with the European Union in the coming period so we expect it to continue Sterling dollars retreated to 13020.

And the main stock indices that have already started to record some declines, starting from this week's trading, to keep our negative expectations in the short term, as the German DAX may correct to the level of 13200 before resuming its bullish trend again with the emergence of buying saturation on the stochastic, while it is expected that The Dow Jones drops to the 28000 level with the negative stochastic divergence also emerging before it starts to rise again.

Boeing shares fell sharply during yesterday's trading after the company announced the suspension of production of a type of aircraft after two incidents that resulted in the death of many of the dead period from January 2020 for the first time in more than 20 years. Indeed, our negative expectations remain for the stock in the coming period with the markets ready to decline the company sales in 2020 and may reach levels of $ 300.