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  • Global week Ahead: Pressures on central banks to pump more stimulus as coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak

    15 Mar 2020 12:20 PM |

    The fourth week of heightened volatility will see financial markets continue to focus on the coronavirus spread across Europe and the US. Investors will continue to monitor the spread and impact of Covid-19 on the global economy amid hopes of a coordinated stimulus package from world policymakers.

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  • Policymakers around the world between containing the COVID-19 and the collapse of the global economy

    13 Mar 2020 02:24 PM |

    World governments are suffering from a great dilemma, on one hand is the COVID-19 Spread. Global official bodies are taking extensive containment measures to limit the spread. It was confirmed that the number of infections has exceeded 135 thousand cases

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  • Chart of the day: GBP/USD Analysis after the BOE surprise rate Cut

    11 Mar 2020 03:50 PM |

    The British pound at the start of the European session dipped against the US dollar below the levels of $1.29 after the Bank of England surprised the markets by cutting the borrowing costs by 50 basis points in order to counter the coronavirus crisis.

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  • Daily Wrap up: The main reasons why the currency markets are in full panic mode even after the short-term pullback.

    10 Mar 2020 02:05 PM |

    Following the Fed’s surprise 50 bps cut to its fed funds rate target on March 3, another 50-bps cut is anticipated at its next meeting on March 18. The Federal Reserve's emergency rate cut had a limited positive effect and only opened markets' thirst for more moves.

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  • The week ahead: Coronavirus fears continue to drive investors

    8 Mar 2020 05:12 PM |

    It’s been a truly chaotic fortnight in financial markets, with the number coronavirus cases and fatalities accelerating outside of China, prompting authorities around the world to raise their game.

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  • Will NFP data support US dollar?

    6 Mar 2020 01:09 PM |

    US dollar fell sharply in the past few days, especially after the US Federal Reserve announced a decision to cut interest in an emergency meeting

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  • Outbreak of Coronavirus have started to effect on the Australian economy

    5 Mar 2020 05:02 PM |

    Australia's trade surplus narrowed in the first months of the year

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  • Oil prices recover on hopes of a new deal, Will we see further recovery?

    3 Mar 2020 03:22 PM |

    Oil prices have recovered significantly by more than 6% since the beginning of the week, after reaching their lowest level in nearly 15 months, as markets hope to deepen production

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