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Market Wrap up

  • What the global markets are looking forward to this week

    20 May 2019 04:45 PM |

    This week, markets are looking for many important economic data that will affect the movements and trends of most central banks globally

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  • AUD fall amid disappointing job data and continuing trade conflict

    16 May 2019 04:07 PM |

    AUD fell to its lowest level since January 21, 2016 if we ignore the sudden collapse from January 2 this year

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  • China economic is getting worse as affected by renewed trade dispute

    15 May 2019 04:22 PM |

    The Chinese economy returned to investors' concerns again after the morning showed new signs of weakness last month,

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  • China inflation data are in line with expectations and uncertainty controls the trade talks with US

    9 May 2019 04:12 PM |

    China's inflation rate accelerated in April in line with economic expectations, with consumer prices rising 2.5% year-on-year to 2.3%

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  • Markets are waiting for RBA and RBNZ meetings

    6 May 2019 03:26 PM |

    Central bank meetings are continuing this week at the global level to be chaired by RBA meeting tomorrow morning

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  • Will the US economic growth in the first quarter reduce the market fears?

    26 Apr 2019 03:56 PM |

    While the pessimistic tone dominated global markets and uncertainties grew due to slower US economic growth and the US Federal Reserve's inability

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  • BOJ follows other central banks and keeps its monetary policy and delay raising interest rates until 2020

    25 Apr 2019 04:17 PM |

    The Bank of Japan followed the Bank of Canada's footsteps and decided to keep its monetary policy unchanged

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  • BOC continues its current monetary policy and pushes CAD to its highest level since January

    24 Apr 2019 05:18 PM |

    Global markets today were full of major economic events and data in some of the countries that had a strong impact on the course of the major currencies

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