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Market Wrap up

  • Weekly Fundamental Outlook

    9 Oct 2017 02:27 PM |

    After a week full of economic releases and events, which had a notable impact on the markets. Another week comes in with few key economic indicators, which may drive the volatility lower across the board.

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  • Weekly wrap up (2-6 October)

    6 Oct 2017 08:50 PM |

    The US dollar is close to the end of the week at its highest level in 8 weeks near the levels of 94, following the positive data coming from the US economy, which ended with employment data where unemployment rates have fallen to its lowest levels since the levels since 2001 as well as rising wages to its highest level since January 2016, But the economy lost 33,000 jobs in September as a result of hurricanes in the United States, which policymakers described it as temporary.

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  • What Matters The Most in NFP Today

    6 Oct 2017 01:36 PM |

    In few hours, all eyes will be focusing on the US Jobs Report, which will be released around 12:30 GMT+, which likely to have a notable impact on the markets.

    The report includes the Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Rate, Average Hourly Earnings.

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  • Daily wrap up – 5 October

    5 Oct 2017 09:59 PM |

    The US dollar rose today to its highest level in seven weeks as the dollar index reached 93.81 in the light of the continued positive data from the US economy and remains waiting for employment data tomorrow which affected by the recent hurricanes. Today's data showed that the trade deficit shrank for August as exports rose to a two-and-a-half year high.

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  • Mixed Data from Australia & AUD Declines

    5 Oct 2017 09:13 AM |

    During the Asian session today, there were few key economic figures from Australia, which had a notable impact on the markets, especially AUD pairs.

    Despite the fact that some of the data were positive, AUD managed to decline across the board, as the long-term data slowed down significantly.

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  • ADP Comes At 135K With No USD Reaction Yet

    4 Oct 2017 04:25 PM |

    The ADP Non-Farm Employment Change data came in with a little surprise in September, adding 135K new jobs, while the estimates were to add around 125K.

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  • Crude Oil Turning Around?

    3 Oct 2017 03:24 PM |

    Until the end of last week, Crude Oil prices had its best four trading weeks since the beginning of this year.

    Brent Crude Spiked for four weeks in a row, reaching as high as $59.50, while WTI Crude also posted four weeks on consecutive gains reaching as high as $53.

    Yet, both crudes declines sharply since the beginning of this week. Is this a technical retracement? Or a new trend?

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  • Daily wrap up – 2 October

    2 Oct 2017 10:54 PM |

    The beginning of the first week of the last quarter of 2017 was very inflammatory. Catalonia held a referendum on secession from Spain and the approval rate reached 90%, but the Spanish government rejected that referendum and considered it illegal. The European Commission supported that view, calling on all parties to sit at the dialogue table.

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