• Low Volatility Ahead of The Fed Decision

    1 Nov 2017 02:41 PM |

    Currencies have been trading within a tight range since the beginning of this week, despite the fact that there were many economic releases across the board.

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  • USD Declines Despite Positive Data

    31 Oct 2017 01:59 PM |

    Despite the positive data from the US over the past few days, the US Dollar Index failed to rally,

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  • Bullish & Bearish Patterns To Keep An Eye On

    30 Oct 2017 03:18 PM |

    At the end of last week’s trading, economic figures and events were released, which changes the shape of some assets and its trends over the next two months.

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  • Daily wrap up – 26 October

    26 Oct 2017 08:33 PM |

    Today, the markets have seen a remarkable move, especially following the European Central Bank's decisions to record the worst trading day against the US dollar for nearly a month as policymakers decided to extend the bond purchase program until 2018 as the size of the monetary stimulus is reduced.

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  • Its All About The ECB Today

    26 Oct 2017 08:35 AM |

    After a day full of economic releases yesterday from the US, leading to notable increase in volatility across the board, another day comes in with another significant events, which should have a notable impact on the markets.

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  • Daily wrap up – 25 October

    25 Oct 2017 08:01 PM |

    The markets today witnessed a number of strong moves as the economic agenda filled with many important economic data that played a major role in these moves.

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  • UK & German Data Beats Expectations

    25 Oct 2017 12:52 PM |

    The British economy advanced 0.4 percent on quarter in the three months to September 2017, beating market expectations of 0.3 percent, the preliminary estimate showed.

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  • Markets Uncertain About The Next Fed’s Chair

    24 Oct 2017 10:46 AM |

    The US President decided to tease the markets once again yesterday through Twitter, saying that he very close to decide on the next Fed chair, without clarifying if Yellen is a possibility.

    However, Janet Yellen was at the White House last week. Many reports suggested that the administration wanted to thank her for her service. Yet, she is still a candidate according to many polls, but she has the lowest probability for a second term.

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