• Is UK economy approaching recession?

    9 Aug 2019 03:57 PM |

    Amid the rising uncertainty caused by Brexit and the prospect of UK leaving EU without a deal after Johnson's appointment as prime minister

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  • Weak Yuan helped boost exports and Trump vows to impose new tariffs

    8 Aug 2019 04:52 PM |

    Despite the pressures on the Chinese economy following the trade friction and the imposition of customs duties by the United States of America on Chinese products

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  • RBNZ shocks markets and cuts interest rates at large pace

    7 Aug 2019 04:41 PM |

    New Zealand shocked global markets on Wednesday morning after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

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  • RBA maintains interest rates and qualifies markets to take new expansionary steps

    6 Aug 2019 05:21 PM |

    In an expected move, the Reserve Bank of Australia kept its current monetary policy unchanged, with interest rates kept at 1.00% after two previous cuts in June and July

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  • What the global markets are looking forward to this week

    5 Aug 2019 04:09 PM |

    Continuing central bank meetings that began last week with the US Fed, Bank of Japan and the Bank of England, markets are preparing for a meeting of other banks this week

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  • The dollar regains its strength after the US jobs data

    2 Aug 2019 04:08 PM |

    The US dollar recovered after the US jobs data, which came in somewhat good to support the Fed's view on the economic consolidation

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  • GBP/USD Falls after the US and UK interest rate decision

    1 Aug 2019 04:37 PM |

    Sterling fell to 1.2080 for the first time since January 2017 on the back of heavy pressure against the US dollar

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  • Global markets are calming ahead of the Fed meeting

    31 Jul 2019 03:57 PM |

    The global markets are in a state of relative calm with anticipation and attention to the Fed meeting, which is expected to take the decision

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