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Market Wrap up

  • Calm trading over world markets because of Good Friday

    19 Apr 2019 04:25 PM |

    A relative calm prevailed on world markets and major currency movements on Friday as bank holidays in many countries worldwide such as Canada, Britain

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  • US dollar records the best performing currencies as economic performance improved

    18 Apr 2019 04:45 PM |

    The US dollar gained several gains throughout Thursday as retail sales improved as a leading indicator of consumer spending

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  • China data boost risk appetite and GBP struggling to rally

    17 Apr 2019 05:05 PM |

    Today was full of economic data that had a significant impact on the movements of most major currencies

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  • Euro demand rises and UK government is trying to make second referendum

    12 Apr 2019 04:31 PM |

    The demand for the euro increased during Friday's trading, especially against the US dollar, to 1.13 levels

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  • Investors monitors the direction of GBP after the exit delay

    11 Apr 2019 04:20 PM |

    The dollar and the euro were little changed on Thursday after the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank hinted they were willing to leave rates

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  • ECB keeps interest rates and warns markets of Brexit

    10 Apr 2019 04:57 PM |

    On Wednesday, the ECB's most important meeting was the ECB meeting in April, as the current monetary policy

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  • May asks to delay Brexit until the end of June and oil rises due to reduced supplies

    9 Apr 2019 03:09 PM |

    GBP trimmed early gains on Tuesday after a German government spokesman denied a media report on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's willingness

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  • Markets are waiting ECB meeting

    8 Apr 2019 03:42 PM |

    Perhaps most of the concern for the markets this week is the European Central Bank meeting scheduled for next Wednesday

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