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Market Wrap up

  • Fed raises rates despite criticism of Trump and US dollar falling

    20 Dec 2018 05:58 PM |

    The dollar fell to a one-month low as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the fourth time this year, with

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  • Things are relatively quiet waiting Fed tonight

    19 Dec 2018 04:25 PM |

    In what appears to be the calm before the storm, the markets seem calm ahead of the Fed meeting this evening, as interest rates are

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  • US dollar fall ahead of FOMC meeting tomorrow and its rivals are advancing

    18 Dec 2018 04:51 PM |

    Markets are awaiting tomorrow evening the Fed's decision on interest rates and it is widely expected that the Fed will raise interest rates to 2.50%,

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  • A busy week of events amid central bank meetings, led by the Fed meeting

    17 Dec 2018 03:57 PM |

    As the end of this year approaches, recent central bank meetings have become the focus of markets

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  • US retail sales will be a key supporter of a rate hike next week

    14 Dec 2018 03:55 PM |

    As US and China try to reach a trade deal, China on Friday announced a temporary cut in tariffs on imports from US cars.

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  • May survives and ECB end QE program

    13 Dec 2018 04:07 PM |

    UK Prime Minister Theresa May survived a vote of no-confidence by Conservative members of the House of Commons

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  • The challenges facing PM May rise after a vote of no confidence

    12 Dec 2018 04:01 PM |

    As UK PM Teresa May tries to reach the best deal with EU on the Brexit and persuade the parliament,

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  • Brexit vote is delayed and Sterling recovered from its lows

    11 Dec 2018 05:13 PM |

    The British pound rose today from a 20-month low of 1.2506, currently trading near 1.26 levels, after British Prime Minister Theresa May

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