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European stock rise and official holiday in US markets

17 Feb 2020 05:04 PM

The Chinese stock market closed at the end of its trading during Monday, with gains of 2%, after government stimulus actions. As the Shanghai index rose by 2.3% to ascend to the level of 2983.6 points, while the CSE 300 index rose by 2.2% to reach the level of 4077.4 points.

European stock indices rose in the beginning of trading today with anticipation of the effects of the Chinese virusCorona and in conjunction with the meetings of the Euro Group. EuroStoxx 600 Index rose by 0.3% to record 431.7 points, as the UK FTSE Index rose by 0.3% to 7,429.3 points. The German DAX rose 0.1% to 13771.4 points and the French CAC rose 0.1% at 6078.9 points.

On Monday, US financial markets closed for an official holiday to celebrate Presidents' Day. It is scheduled that the American markets will resume their trading starting tomorrow, Tuesday.