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  • Daily Wrap Up 5 January 2022

    5 Jan 2022 04:31 PM |

    The sell-off in the technology sector is holding back the US market. The relatively elevated US 10-year yield has dented the tech sector in the past 24 hours.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 30 December 2021

    30 Dec 2021 04:34 PM |

    Stocks are largely in positive territory as traders continue to shake off the headlines about the rising number of patients with the omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 16 December 2021

    16 Dec 2021 03:59 PM |

    It has been a surprisingly volatile 24 hours in the markets as the Federal Reserve announced it will be doubling the speed of its tapering policy last night, and the Bank of England unexpectedly hiked interest rates today.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 14 December 2021

    14 Dec 2021 04:20 PM |

    There are concerns about the rate at which the omicron variant of the coronavirus is spreading, hence why stock markets in Europe and the US are in the red.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 6 December 2021

    6 Dec 2021 04:41 PM |

    Stocks in Europe are set to close higher this afternoon and indices in the US are enjoying respectable gains as dealers are less worried about the omicron strain of Covid-19.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 1 December 2021

    1 Dec 2021 04:48 PM |

    Traders have shrugged off the fears surrounding the omicron strain of the coronavirus and they are snapping up relatively cheap stocks today.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 30 November 2021

    30 Nov 2021 04:01 PM |

    Equity markets are down this afternoon as Stephane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna, cautioned that existing Covid-19 vaccinations might struggle to contain the omicron strain of the virus.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 10 November 2021

    10 Nov 2021 04:19 PM |

    The strong performance in mining, energy and banking stocks is helping the FTSE 100 to outperform.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 28 October 2021

    28 Oct 2021 04:31 PM |

    S stock markets are up following the news the US economy grew by only 2% in the third quarter, while economists were expecting a reading of 2.6%.

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