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Technical Views

  • Us oil Technical Analysis: Resistance 73.00 will determine how high the price of oil

    25 Sep 2018 02:59 PM |

    Oil prices rose yesterday, and we are likely to see further gains in the price today.

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  • Technical Analysis for Silver: Resistance 14.34 protects the bearishness

    25 Sep 2018 02:54 PM |

    Silver is trading at levels below 14.34, after several attempts to maintain stability above it, all of which failed.

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  • Gold Technical Analysis: Volatility in a limited range continues, but under resistance to the downside

    25 Sep 2018 02:52 PM |

    Gold is trading in its usual narrow range, where it has stabilized for a relatively long period, above the support of 1186.00 and under the resistance 1208.00.

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  • EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Likely downside correction, 1.1695 will determine the downside

    24 Sep 2018 02:32 PM |

    After touching levels around 1.1800, EURUSD dropped again, and the likelihood of further bearishness is likely today

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  • US oil Technical Analysis: Oil prices are rising today, with no significant volatility being ruled out

    24 Sep 2018 02:29 PM |

    US oil prices rose, trading above 71.10, signaling further upside potential. However, for today's trading

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  • Silver Technical Analysis: The probability of going down today as long as price remains below 14.34 resistance

    24 Sep 2018 02:27 PM |

    Although the price traded above 14.34 slightly during Friday's trading session, the price could not stabilize above this level

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  • Gold Technical Analysis: Resistance to the down trend is driving the price down

    24 Sep 2018 02:24 PM |

    Resistance to the down trend has pushed gold prices downwards, and the possibility of a spill is likely to extend today.

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