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technical analysis report 15-12-2020

15 Dec 2020 04:38 PM


Despite the decline, it is still moving in an upward direction, and it may try to approach the 1.2200 resistance, if it continues trading above the ascending support 1.2080. However, a break of the support may cause a decline towards the psychological barrier of 1.20.

If it breaks the resistance 1.2200, it may continue its rise, targeting 1.2350 levels.


A new attempt to rise, and may head towards the 1.3450 resistance level, followed by the main technical and psychological resistance 1.3500.

The pair's support is at 1.3300 and staying above it may keep the possibility of an increase but breaching the 1.3500 resistance will be necessary to push it towards 1.3650.

Breaking the support 1.3300 will weaken the possibility of a rally and cause the pair to fall again to 1.3230.


The pair is witnessing a new attempt to decline, and stabilizes below 104.00, and stability below this level may increase the downside pressure towards the 103.35 support. However, the downside will require a break of 103.00 to validate its extension.

If the pair succeeds in rising above 105.00 and surpassing the resistance 105.50, it may target 106.00 - 107.00 levels.


Despite the attempt to rise, the pair is stable below 0.9000, and this is likely to see further decline, to try to test the support 0.8820-0.8830. Breaking the support may cause further decline.

But if it rises above 0.9000 levels, it is likely to rise to test the upper boundary of the sideways channel at 0.9200.


The pair continues to trade within a strong descending channel, its main resistance is currently at 1.2815

Trading below the resistance may cause a further decline towards the level of 1.2700, which breaching it, we may see a further decline to 1.2660.

Surpassing the resistance at 1.2815, the pair may test the stronger level at 1.2930.


The pair benefited from trading above the psychological barrier of 0.7500 and holding above it may cause a rally. However, the resistance 0.7575 must be breached to validate the extension of the bullish trend towards 0.7680.

Bearish corrections should not be ruled out from time to time, but as long as it remains above the support 0.7480, the possibility of an upside will remain.

If the support 0.7450 is broken, we may witness downside pressure and a correction to 0.7410 levels, and perhaps also 0.7260.


Gold is trying to rise, but it is approaching the resistance 1855.00. Breaking the resistance might cause further upside towards 1865.00 and maybe even higher to 1875.00. However, failure to stabilize above the resistance 1855.00 may bring the bearish pressure back again.

Breaking the support 1831.00 may return the bearish potentials again, in an attempt to reach the psychological barrier of 1800.00.


The price of silver is rising in an attempt to approach the resistance 24.65, and if the price is able to breach this resistance, we may witness a further rise towards the price of 25.00. Consolidation above 25.00 may push silver towards levels above 26.00.

However, if the price returns to trade below 24.00, the bullish potential may weaken, and the bearish trend may return to push the price towards 21.60.


Oil price rises and stabilizes in a bullish channel, and it is possible to complete the current rise, targeting 49.50 levels, and then surpassing it, we may target $ 54.00.

Support levels that may face oil in the event of a correction from the current levels of 46.80, and it is important to maintain them so that our view of the downside does not change at that time and targeting the $ 45.60 level.

Dow Jones

A new attempt to rise from the Dow Jones index inside the ascending triangle pattern appearing on the four-hour interval. Stability above 30370 will make us target 31000-31500.

Support levels for the index at 29750 - 29400 - 28900.

German DAX

The German DAX returned to trade above the ascending support line at 13230.00 points and holding above this level may cause further upside. But breaching the resistance 13400.00 will be necessary to prove further upside, otherwise the upside will remain limited.

Breaking the support 13200.00 again may weaken the chances of an upside and may cause the bearish pressure to return to the psychological barrier of 13000.0.


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