technical analysis report

6 Oct 2020 02:03 PM


The pair succeeded to breach resistance level at 1.1750, so we expect further rising targeting 1.1830 – 1.1870.

In case trading below 1.1750, prices could target the support level 1.1690, and with breaking this we could see 1.1600 levels.


The pair is facing a resistance at 1.30, and it is expected to fall from it for testing support levels at 1.2890 then 1.2800.

Breaching the resistance level, it is expected to continue rising to levels of 1.3050/1.3100.


The pair is facing a resistance at 105.60, and we expect in case declining from this level with breaking the support level at 105.00, prices could head to 104.20.

Breaching the resistance level at 105.80, we could see rising to levels of 106.50.


The pair is facing a strong support level at 0.9140 and we expect prices to keep trading above it targeting levels of 0.9215 then 0.9294.

Support levels could be at 0.9133-0.9070.


The pair is facing a support at 1.3260 which is the bottom line of an ascending channel on 4H frame. It is expected that prices to rise targeting 1.3350 then 1.3420.

Breaking support level at 1.3240 could send prices to 1.32 then 1.3130.


Prices tried to test on resistance level at 0.7204, but the pair fall to 0.7150, we expect further declining to 0.7130 and with breaking it we could see the pair at 0.7000.

In case of rising breaching resistance level at 0.7204, it is expected to continue rising to 0.7250.


Gold prices trying to be stabilizing above 1910/1920, and if succeeded could push prices to 1950$ levels.

Trading below 1900 levels, it is expected to see further declining to support level at 1885-1850.


Prices succeeded to retreat from support level at 37.00 exceeding resistance levels at 39.00, now it is facing a resistance at 40.00, if it succeeded to breakthrough these levels, we could see oil prices reaching 40.89 then 41.70.

Trading below 40.00 could send prices to levels of 39.00 then 37.00.

Dow Jones

The index succeeded to breach resistance at 28100, so we expect prices to target 28350-28500

Support levels could be at 28000-27700.


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