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Forex Trading and Pricing

The forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. With Equiti, you can speculate on the direction of currencies, going ‘long’ or ‘short’ depending on whether you believe the value of the currency will rise or fall in comparison with another. If your currency rises in value against the currency it is paired with, then you make a profit; if it falls, you will make a loss.

If you are looking for the very best forex trading experience, we can offer some of the most sophisticated trading technology in the industry to help you to achieve your trading goals. Choose from a wide range of forex currency pairings, including some of the most popular:


No matter which currency pairings you are interested in trading, be they major, minor or exotic, you can be sure that we will fulfill your trading needs along with offering you incredibly competitive prices.

Forex Trading Platform

With us, you can use the industry standard MetaTrader 4, which is second to none when it comes to trading platforms, allowing you to execute all your trades with the utmost speed and precision. It also allows you to use some of the best trading technology in the business, including charting software, automated trading and a wealth of other features to aid you whenever you trade forex.


At Equiti, we offer an effective pricing structure, ensuring that your forex experience is as smooth and cost effective as possible. As your trading volume increases, so does the competitiveness of the prices, so you can be sure that you will always benefit from trading with us throughout your forex career.

You can look at our forex trading chart to get a better understanding of what we offer, including margin size, minimum/maximum leverage as well as minimum/maximum transaction size.

If, for instance, you wanted to trade EUR/GBP, you can see that the standard contract size is EUR 100000, maximum leverage is 20:1 for retail clients (500:1 for professional clients), and the maximum transaction size is 150 (contracts).

Given that currency values are constantly shifting, it is important that you monitor your trades. Stop loss orders can be applied to any trade to limit losses incurred from a losing trade, and trading platform tools can be used to help you analyse currency movements and make informed investments.

With tight spreads and a wealth of forex trading options available to you, you can be sure that we have all your trading needs covered.