Stuart Cole

Chief Macro Economist, Equiti Capital

Stuart Cole

Stuart is an economist and markets practitioner with over thirty years of experience working in various top-tier financial institutions in both the public and private sectors.

He is frequently published throughout the world through, among other things, the regular contributions he makes to the financial media, both written and in front of the camera, offering key insights into economic and market developments to give clarity and understanding to what is happening in the markets and the major economies of the world.

Stuart is regularly approached by global media titles like Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC for his views on the markets, economic data, central bank announcements (Bank of England, the Fed, and the European Central Bank), and events that impact economies and markets. He has appeared on TV networks such as Deutsche Welle.

He played a leading role in designing the market code of conduct adhered to by financial institutions working in the City of London, and closely replicated in other major trading centres around the world.

Stuart also played a pivotal role in preparing the City of London for the economic and monetary union (EMU) and the introduction of the euro while at the Bank of England.

His work has been published by names such as the OECD, the World Economic Forum and the Bank of England.