Currency fluctuations amid Eurozone's recession concerns

Dollar gains as economic data points to Eurozone recession risks; Sterling struggles despite positive signs

By Raed Alkhedr | @raedalkhedr | 15 December 2023

Market close
  • EURUSD pulls back from 1.10 amidst gloomy Eurozone data.

  • Gold remains steady near $2040 amid market volatility.

Eurozone's economic downturn deepens

Business activity in the Eurozone continues to contract, heightening fears of a looming recession. Recent data reveals a widespread decline across key sectors, with both Germany and France experiencing downturns in manufacturing and services. The composite PMI for the Eurozone suggests a contraction over the last quarter, potentially marking two consecutive quarters of recession. Following the European Central Bank's lowered growth forecasts for the next two years and its decision to maintain current interest rates, concerns are mounting about the region's economic trajectory.

Germany's situation is particularly dire, with indications of a deepening recession in Europe's largest economy. France also faces accelerated declines, especially in demand within its significant service and goods sectors. The Euro has consequently begun a gradual descent from the 1.10 mark, now hovering around 1.0940 against the Dollar.

Mixed signals in the UK economy

The UK presents a contrasting economic picture. Despite the manufacturing sector's continuous contraction for the seventeenth month, there's a silver lining in the services sector, which shows resilience with a PMI stabilizing near 52.7 points. This resurgence in services suggests the UK economy might skirt a recession in 2024. The Bank of England's recent decision to keep interest rates steady aligns with this cautiously optimistic outlook, although it rules out immediate interest rate cuts due to persistently high inflation rates.

The British Pound, however, couldn't sustain its gains against major currencies. After failing to breach the 1.28 mark against the Dollar, GBP/USD has since receded, currently settling around 1.2750.

Steady gold amid market uncertainty

In the midst of these currency fluctuations, gold maintains a steady position, hovering near the $2040 per ounce mark. This stability reflects the market's search for safe-haven assets amid the ongoing economic uncertainties.