Gold tests $1950 amidst Dollar decline

American credit rating has been downgraded from a "stable" to a "negative" outlook.

By Raed Alkhedr | @raedalkhedr | 14 November 2023

  • The forthcoming economic data will shape the upcoming interest rate decision by the US central bank

  • Moody’s agency has downgraded its future outlook for the US credit rating

  • Gold is currently facing resistance around the $1950.00

In a week marked by dynamic economic events, the precious metal market experienced a measured uptick, leveraging the US dollar's retreat against a backdrop of Moody's agency downgrading the credit rating outlook for the United States.

Moody's decision to shift the US credit rating outlook from "stable" to "negative" sent ripples through the financial landscape, citing mounting pressure on the nation amid rising interest rates and perceived inadequacies in addressing the fiscal deficit.

Federal Reserve Bank luminaries Patrick Harker and Neel Kashkari added depth to the narrative, with Harker signaling that forthcoming interest rate decisions hinge on upcoming economic data. Meanwhile, Kashkari hinted at potential further Federal Reserve intervention to curb inflation, cautioning against premature declarations of victory in the battle against rising prices.

Chairman Jerome Powell injected a note of caution into the discourse, affirming that the Federal Reserve remains circumspect about its success in taming inflation. Powell emphasized the Open Market Committee's readiness to tighten monetary policy should the need arise.

Today's eagerly awaited release of major inflation data in the United States promises to provide clarity on the extent to which inflationary pressures influence the Federal Reserve's decision-making.

Against this backdrop, gold commenced the second week session with a marginal dip, hovering around the $1944 per ounce mark.

Technical analysts are closely monitoring key pivot levels, with gold staging a rebound from the $1930.00 support level and now testing the resilience of the $1950.00 resistance. A breakthrough at this juncture could pave the way for further upward mobility, potentially reaching levels of $1963.00 and beyond to the $1970.00 echelon. The market remains attuned to these critical levels as gold's trajectory unfolds in response to the intricate interplay of economic forces.

Gold 14-11-2023