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Equiti Gold FAQ

What is Equiti Gold?

Equiti Gold is a DMCC-regulated secure mobile app that simplifies the process of investing in physical gold.

Sign up for a free account to start investing physical gold online, requesting gold bullion or coins to be delivered to a location of your choice, easily exchanging it with multiple currencies through the app or to gift it to other Equiti Gold account users.

If you’re over 18 and interested in gold investing, apply for a free Equiti Gold account by downloading our mobile app.

What you’ll need to start owning physical gold is a bank account or card to make deposits, your contact details and proof of your identity (either a passport or a UAE resident ID).

The Equiti Gold app is registered with the DMCC and is available for both Android and iOS users through the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

After you’ve set up your Equiti Gold app and filled in your account details, you can make a deposit instantly to start buying gold. Login to your Equiti Gold account to begin.

Once we’ve accepted your deposit you can start owning physical gold effortlessly, just tap on ‘Trade’ to start buying and selling physical gold with transparent prices from the world’s largest financial markets.

Step 1: Check your account is funded

Step 2: Tap ‘Trade’ at the bottom of your app

Step 3: Select your preferred currency (AED or USD)

Step 4: Tap ‘Buy’ and enter the desired gold amount (min. 1 gram)

Step 5: Tap ‘Confirm’

There is no limit to how much gold you can buy on the Equiti Gold app. You can buy grams, troy ounces, ten-tola (TT) or kilogram bars of real gold from your phone. Minimum orders start from as little as 225 AED (approximately US$61, subject to market rates) for one gram of physical gold.

All gold prices are updated constantly in real-time, ensuring that our prices are transparent and competitive. Real-time gold prices ensure all Equiti Gold users have the latest information at their fingertips for buying and selling gold online and enable investors to make smarter decisions based on the most current market conditions.

There are lots of good reasons for investing in gold, and Equiti Gold makes it easy to buy/sell gold online, exchange it or have it delivered home. Here’s a few popular reasons for participating in the gold market:

Protects against rising prices: Gold keeps its value over time, which helps when prices go up. So, when money becomes less valuable, gold stays valuable, keeping your buying power steady.

Reduces portfolio risk: Having gold in your investments lowers the chance of losing money all at once because it doesn't move the same way as other assets like stocks or bonds do. This can make it safer for your overall investment plan and increase the likelihood your portfolio will stay profitable.

Retains its value: People all around the world trust that gold will keep its value. It's a rare commodity and is highly liquid (or always in demand), which means it stays valuable even when things get uncertain in the economy as you can count on buyers or sellers being active in the market.

Easy to turn into cash: Gold is easy to sell whenever you need money due to always being in demand. You can trade it in various forms like bars, coins, or through electronic trading. This makes it flexible for turning into cash quickly. This is because gold is used for many things, not just for investing. People use it for jewellery, technology, and even countries keep it in their banks. This makes sure it stays valuable.

Protects your money in hard times: When things get shaky in the world or the economy gets tough, gold usually does well. It's like a safety net for your money and keeps your savings steady. This means gold can be used to hedge against inflation (rising currency prices) or for investment opportunities when there is low volatility in other market sectors.

Helps grow your wealth: Even though gold is mainly for keeping your money safe, it can also grow in value over time. Sometimes, when more people want it or when things change in the world, the price of gold goes up which gives you a chance to make more money.

Remember, before you invest in gold or anything else, think about what you want to do with your money, how much risk you're okay with, and what's happening in the world. Gold can be a good part of your plan, but it's smart to learn more and talk to experts before making any big money moves.

Services FAQs

What is gold investing?

Physical gold investing refers to the buying and owning actual gold in the form of gold bars (or bullion), gold coins or other tangible shapes.

This means you can directly own gold that you have purchased online because it is backed by real gold assets which can either be bought or traded on online markets or kept at a secure location, such as the investors home or at storage facilities like a gold vault.

With Equiti Gold, you can also gift gold investments to other app users instantly.

People invest in gold to protect their wealth or grow to their savings because gold usually keeps its worth even if other financial assets, like currencies or stocks, lose value. Another major benefit of gold investing is that it is one of the world’s most popular commodities which means it is easy to sell at anytime.

You can instantly send gold assets to another Equiti Gold user by logging into the app and tapping ‘Gift’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

Once the Gift window appears, scan the Equiti Gold app user’s QR code or enter their username in the fields above. Then enter the amount of gold you’d like to send and tap ‘Confirm’ to instantly gift physical gold to your friends and loved ones.

Login to the Equiti Gold app and tap ‘Redeem’ to request physical gold to be delivered to the location of your choice. You can order 50g to 50kg of gold bullion in a single order, and each order can take up to two working days to arrive if the order is made within Equiti Gold’s outlined working hours.

Physical delivery is currently available solely in the UAE, and all gold bars or coins are UAE-GD certified and sourced from investment-grade refineries. Your gold will be minted and stamped upon your request, and you can choose the quality and quantity of gold you’d like delivered. Please note you will need to be physically present with your Emirates ID or a Passport to receive your gold delivery.

Physical gold delivery takes approximately two business days from the time of acceptance of redemption request. Please note delivery is currently available solely in the United Arab Emirates.

Deliveries can be made in amounts ranging from 50g to 50kg, but there is no limit to how many orders you can order.

Your gold can be delivered as coins or bars and is minted exclusively by UAEGD certified gold refineries upon your order request. All gold is 9999 or 999.5 purity which can be selected in your redemption request, and will be delivered in the form of coins or bullion as grams, ten-tola (TT) or kilogram bars.

Please make sure you are physically present with an Emirates ID or passport that matches your account information. We will also request a selfie for biometric verification to ensure that there is no fault in your delivery experience.

Yes, it is possible to nominate someone with instructions and a copy of the nominee's Emirates ID or passport within the delivery request. Please make sure their ID and passport is shared clearly with no obstructed information to guarantee a smooth delivery process.

To switch gold assets to stable major currencies like USD and AED, open the Equiti Gold app and tap ‘Exchange’ then enter the amount of gold and select the currency you’d like to exchange it to. You can either exchange gold to currency assets, or exchange currencies to gold assets.

To switch gold for USD, tap ‘Sell’ on the ‘Exchange’ tab and first select the amount of gold you’d like to sell and then select ‘USD’ to exchange it for US Dollars. You can also select other currencies like AED, and all available currencies are visible within the app’s drop down menu. Once you’ve entered your order details, tap ‘Confirm’.

To switch USD for gold, tap ‘Buy’ on the ‘Exchange' tab and first select the amount of US Dollars you’d like to exchange to physical gold. You can also exchange other currencies like AED using the ‘Buy’ button by selecting them in the drop down menu. Once you’ve entered your order details, tap ‘Confirm’.

You can buy physical gold and hold them in your Equiti Gold wallet.

To buy physical gold and have it delivered, tap ‘Trade’ to first purchase your gold then tap ‘Redeem’ in Wallet to initiate your gold delivery. All gold is exclusively minted by UAEGD certified refineries in gold bullion or gold coins.

To buy or sell online gold assets against USD or AED, start by tapping ‘Trade’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of your app screen after you’ve logged in to your Equiti Gold account. Then you can choose to buy or sell by the grams, ten-tola (TT), troy ounce (troy oz) or kilogram bars with real-time rates.

Once you’ve reviewed your order, press ‘Confirm’ to update your account balance and the order will be placed instantly.

Yes, all physical gold by Equiti Gold is insured throughout the making and delivery process up until you successfully receive it. Only verified Gold users are able to accept gold deliveries and must present their identification to complete the delivery process.

App & Accounts FAQs

Where can I download Equiti Gold?

You can download the Equiti Gold mobile gold investing app on iOS or Android devices by searching for ‘Equiti Gold’ on the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Equiti Gold accounts are free however some charges for services will apply. As part of this new offering, Equiti Gold will charge nominal fees for Brokerage, Handling and Storage on all orders. A Physical Redemption Fee will be applicable in the event you request redemption and delivery of physical gold.

You can easily open an Equiti Gold account in a few steps by downloading the app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

First you’ll need to enter and verify a working email and phone number. Then you’ll need to enter your full name (as per your passport or Emirates ID) and billing address as per your preferred payment method. You will also be required to a proof of identity (either a valid passport or Emirates ID for UAE residents), and to verify this ID by taking a selfie on your smartphone.

Your private data will solely be used for verification and will be encrypted, kept securely, never shared with external parties, nor used for any business needs.

Company FAQs

Is Equiti Gold a registered company?

Yes, Equiti Gold is registered with the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).

A proprietary service of the Equiti Group, Equiti Gold was designed to make physical gold accessible, tradable and own-able within one seamless mobile app.

The DMCC has successfully established Dubai as the preferred destination for global commodities trade and DMCC as the world’s No.1 Free Zone.

You can open an Equiti Gold account from anywhere in the world to start investing in and owning gold from your phone. Physical gold delivery is currently exclusive to Dubai from UAE-GD certified gold refineries.

Equiti Gold is owned by Equiti Group, a global fintech provider that holds 8 licenses in globally reputed financial jurisdictions and offers world-class trading technology, physical commodities, payment solutions and digital assets.

Equiti Group was designed to deliver world-class solutions to historically under-serviced markets. It is a global organisation with offices in major cities across the world including London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Kampala, Nairobi, Bogota and more.

Equiti Group’s in-house experts specialise in technology, financial markets, marketing, product development, client support and many other disciplines to ensure better user and product experiences for all.

If you hold a trading account with Equiti on Equiti Trader, MT4 or MT5 you will need to apply separately for Equiti Gold. To open a new account on Equiti Gold, you can download the app from either the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

To be eligible for an Equiti Gold account, you will need a smartphone for selfie validation and proof of identity (either a current passport or Emirates ID if you are a UAE resident). You will need your ID to collect physical gold upon delivery.

We aim to make onboarding to all services within the Equiti Group as effortless and secure as possible. As Equiti Gold and Equiti retail brokerages offer different account types, services and regulatory requirements, it necessitates the completion of additional onboarding documentation that will be held securely and privately within our servers.

You can find the Equiti Gold office at:

18 A-B, Gold (AU) Tower, Cluster I, PO Box 117060 Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If you’d like to reach Equiti Gold’s Support team, please email us at gold@equiti.com or call us at +97144579800, international calling fees may apply if you are trying to reach us from outside of the UAE.

Deposits FAQs

How can I make a deposit?

Once you’ve set up your Equiti Gold profile, login to the app and tap ‘Profile’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. Then tap ‘Payment Methods’ to start making your deposit.

If this is your first time making a deposit, on the ‘Payment Methods’ screen, tap ‘+ Add New Bank’ to link your bank account details to the app. Please make sure that your billing details match the address you have entered in your profile details.

Equiti Gold accepts payments from cards or wire bank transfers. Equiti Gold might request proof of account (such as a bank statement or card copy) for the first deposit. After the first deposit is approved, all deposits using the same method will be instant. Withdrawals can be made to original deposit method.

Equiti Gold currently accepts AED (UAE Dirham) and USD (US Dollar). The latest available currencies can be seen within the Equiti Gold app under ‘Payments’.

Minimum deposits for Equiti Gold app users start from 500AED or US$100, however minimum purchases for online gold investing start from 1 gram and minimum delivery orders of physical gold starts from 50 grams.

There is no limit to how much gold you can own with Equiti Gold, however the maximum deposit amount per transaction for cards is 75,000 AED or US$20,000.

We do not impose a daily cap but please note that your payment provider may have a limit to the amount you can transfer in a single issuance that may differ to Equiti Gold’s transaction limits.

Deposits can vary depending on the method of payment. We accept card deposits and wire bank transfers from banks including EmiratesNBD. eposits should take approximately 1 to 3 business days.

Equiti Gold might request proof of account (such as a bank statement or card copy) for the first deposit. After the first deposit is approved, all deposits using the same method will be instant.

Equiti Gold does not charge any fees for making deposits using bank transfers, but does charge 2.5% for card deposits and may charge some fees for withdrawals. However, user will be liable for transaction fees or currency exchange fees charged by your bank or payment provider.

Card Deposits: 2.5% per transaction.

Bank Deposits: No fees or charges.

Bank Withdrawals (Local Currency - AED): No fees or charges.

Bank Withdrawals (USD - Domestic & International Payments): Fee: 30 USD.

Please make sure your account number, ID and billing address match your payment details to ensure deposits are accepted. Equiti Gold does not accept or process third-party payments (including family members), unless it is with absolute discretion, as it must be in strict adherence with local laws and procedures. Please read our Payments Terms & Conditions for more information.

Withdrawals FAQs

How can I make a withdrawal?

Login to the Equiti Gold app and tap ‘Wallet’ then ‘Withdraw’ to request funds to be sent to your linked bank account. Please note that funds can only be returned to the original source of deposit. There is no limit on the amount you can withdraw, however the minimum amount per withdrawal is 500 AED or US$100.

Withdrawal requests are typically processed instantly, but please note that some transfers may take a few working days to appear in your payment provider’s account. You can confirm that your withdrawal has been accepted by checking your Equiti Gold balance.

Please contact our Support team if you are having any difficulties with your withdrawal request.

You can withdraw funds directly to the bank account or source that you used to make a deposit.

You can request to withdraw your funds immediately with wire bank transfers. Withdrawn funds will be returned directly to their original deposit source.

If Equiti Gold is unable to do this, then we will return the funds directly to your bank account. This will be done in line with our strict Local Laws and Procedures and may require additional identification and documentation to verify that the bank account belongs to you.

Please note all withdrawal requests will require approval from the Equiti Gold Payments team who process requests daily and are available during UAE business hours. This means you can request your withdrawal at any time, and all withdrawal requests received on a business day before 3:00 pm (UAE time) will be processed on the same day, when possible. Any requests received after this time will be processed on a best endeavours basis.

If it's your first bank withdrawal request, Equiti Gold requires that you verify your bank account. You can submit your request and relevant information within the app. Withdrawals using bank transfers typically take up to 1 working day.

Card Deposits & Withdrawals: 2.5% per transaction

Bank Deposits: No fees or charges.

Bank Withdrawals (Local Currency - AED): No fees or charges.

Bank Withdrawals (USD - Domestic & International Payments): Fee: 30 USD.