Equiti Wins “Most Innovative Financial Markets Brokerage Global 2020” Award

21 October 2020

Equiti Wins “Most Innovative Financial Markets Brokerage Global 2020” Award

21 October 2020 - Equiti Group has received the “Most Innovative Financial Markets Brokerage Global 2020” Award from CFI.co, Capital Finance International​, a London-based global financial publication. The Award is in recognition of Equiti’s technology developments and innovative solutions to make financial instruments more accessible to more people worldwide.

Equiti is a pioneering fintech firm and world-class provider of online trading technology and multi-asset financial products, and innovation is a driving force behind its impressive growth trajectory.

In recent months the group has increased its product offering and technology solutions by 300%.

Commenting on the award, Iskandar Najjar, Equiti Group CEO said: “We are thrilled to be acknowledged for our contribution to the global financial markets through innovative developments and new technologies and offerings.

”Everything we do, everything we develop at every level and in every market, revolves around striving to deliver the best experience and world-class offerings to our clients.

“We continually invest in technology and in developing new offerings and solutions, innovate and grow the financial markets with our clients top-of-mind and at the heart of our business.”

One of group’s latest milestones was reached by its Kenyan subsidiary, EGM Securities, when it launched FXPesa as the first provider of online forex and contract-for-difference (CFD) products for Kenya’s retail market. FXPesa unlocks global trading opportunities for smartphone users across the country. FXPesa (which translates to “FXMoney” in Swahili) has quickly become synonymous with mobile trading across Kenya. Kenya was the ideal market to launch the app-based CFD trading platform for Africa, due to its high penetration of smartphone users and entrepreneurial culture.

EGM Securities became part of the Equiti Group in 2018 and was the first online-forex broker to be granted a licence by Kenya’s Capital Markets Authority, one of the most highly regarded regulatory bodies on the African continent.

Equiti Group plans to launch more innovative offerings and proprietary solutions as well as a range of new financial products over the next few months.

About the CFI.co Awards Programme

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