About Equiti Gold

Equiti Gold was designed to make physical gold accessible, investable and own-able within one seamless mobile app

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About Equiti gold

Making gold investing simpler and safer

Our mission is to make gold accessible to the wider world through strongly regulated and secure technology. We operate with trusted partners and UAEGD certified gold refineries to ensure quality at every step.

Global footprint

Global footprint

Part of the Equiti Group, a global fintech provider with over 8 globally reputed licenses.

DMCC registered

DMCC registered

Proudly transparent, we’re committed to fairer market conditions and quality processes.

Reliable service

Reliable service

From insured couriers to UAEGD certified refineries, your security is our top priority.


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Gold experts

Built on a profound understanding of the rich heritage and modern demands of the Dubai market, our state-of-the-art app transports the age-old allure of gold into the digital age making gold ownership accessible globally. Our in-house team include a broad range of expertise including market experts, innovative technologists and dedicated support teams based in Dubai.

Gold experts

Equiti Gold Company FAQ

Is Equiti Gold a registered company?

Yes, Equiti Gold is registered with the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).

A proprietary service of the Equiti Group, Equiti Gold was designed to make physical gold accessible, tradable and own-able within one seamless mobile app.

The DMCC has successfully established Dubai as the preferred destination for global commodities trade and DMCC as the world’s No.1 Free Zone.

You can open an Equiti Gold account from anywhere in the world to start investing in and owning gold from your phone. Physical gold delivery is currently exclusive to Dubai from UAEGD certified gold refineries.

Equiti Gold is owned by Equiti Group, a global fintech provider that holds 7 licenses in globally reputed financial jurisdictions and offers world-class trading technology, physical commodities, payment solutions and digital assets.

Equiti Group was designed to deliver world-class solutions to historically under-serviced markets. It is a co-founder led organisation with offices in major cities across the world including London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Kampala, Nairobi, Bogota and more.

Equiti Group’s in-house experts specialise in technology, financial markets, marketing, product development, client support and many other disciplines to ensure better user and product experiences for all.

If you hold a trading account with Equiti on Equiti Trader, MT4 or MT5 you will need to apply separately for Equiti Gold. To open a new account on Equiti Gold, you can download the app from either the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

To be eligible for an Equiti Gold account, you will need a smartphone for selfie validation and proof of identity (either a current passport or Emirates ID if you are a UAE resident). You will need your ID to collect physical gold upon delivery.

You can easily open an Equiti Gold account in a few steps by downloading the app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

First, you’ll need to enter and verify a working email and phone number. Then you’ll need to enter your full name (as per your passport or Emirates ID) and billing address as per your preferred payment method. You will also be required to a proof of identity (either a valid passport or Emirates ID for UAE residents), and to verify this ID by taking a selfie on your smartphone.

Your private data will solely be used for verification and will be encrypted, kept securely, never shared with external parties, nor used for any business needs.