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Download the Equiti Gold app to buy and sell physical gold, gift it or have it delivered home from your phone

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Simplify gold ownership

Open accounts easily

Download the Equiti Gold mobile app to start owning investment-grade physical gold.

Own gold instantly

Tap to buy gold with transparent prices for online investing, gifting or physical redemption.

Grow wealth online

Buy and sell pure gold assets online with transparent prices or switch it with currencies.


Why is gold economically stable?

Considered a safe haven for holding, gold is easy to buy and sell as its value may rise when other assets falter.


How much could $1000 of gold be worth?*

Based on growth rate of 11.73%

Safe haven investing
20% YoY market growth

20%* YoY market growth

Tap into the gold market with an expected 20%* year-on-year increase in investment demand.

Counteract inflation

Counteract inflation

Invest in gold to hedge against inflation and low volatility whilst generating long-term returns.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

All gold is insured and sourced from UAE Good Delivery (UAEGD certified) refineries.


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Start owning gold in seconds

Enter the gold market with ease by downloading the Equiti Gold mobile app. Buy and sell gold from anywhere, get Gold delivered to your doorsteps in Dubai or Gift Gold to other Equiti Gold users.

Flexible gold investing

Flexible gold investing

Control the way you build wealth with gold from a minimum of 1 gram transactions to more substantial investments.

Pay instantly

Pay instantly

Securely withdraw profits or add money instantly to manage your mobile gold investing with ease.

Premium minting

Premium minting

All Equiti gold bullion is stamped for authenticity, minted by UAEGD certified refineries then couriered securely.

Redeem physical gold

Redeem physical gold

Have over 50g of physical gold minted, stamped and delivered straight to your address in UAE.


DMCC registered

Equiti Gold is Dubai-based and registered with the DMCC. As part of the Equiti Group, our mission is to make wealth generation accessible to the wider world through secure and advanced financial technology. We ensure all gold assets are of the highest standard and work exclusively with UAE Good Delivery (UAEGD) certified gold refineries.

DMCC registered

Enrich your investment portfolio with gold

Download Equiti Gold

Download Equiti Gold

Tap into the physical gold market with all your investment needs in one mobile app.

Open a free account

Open a free account

Use an official ID and a smartphone to start owning or investing in physical gold instantly.

Invest with quality

Invest with quality

All physical gold is sourced from trusted refineries and delivered in 999.9 purity gold bars.


Equiti Gold FAQs

What is Equiti Gold?

Equiti Gold is a DMCC-regulated secure mobile app that simplifies the process of investing in physical gold.

Sign up for a free account to start investing physical gold online, requesting gold bullion or coins to be delivered to a location of your choice, easily exchanging it with multiple currencies through the app or to gift it to other Equiti Gold account users.

If you’re over 18 and interested in gold investing, apply for a free Equiti Gold account by downloading our mobile app.

What you’ll need to start owning physical gold is a bank account to make deposits, your contact details and proof of your identity (either a passport or a UAE resident ID).

The Equiti Gold app is registered with the DMCC and is available for both Android and iOS users through the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

After you’ve set up your Equiti Gold app and filled in your account details, you can make a deposit instantly to start buying gold. Login to your Equiti Gold account to begin.

Once we’ve accepted your deposit you can start owning physical gold effortlessly, just tap on ‘Trade’ to start buying and selling physical gold with transparent prices from the world’s largest financial markets.

Step 1: Check your account is funded

Step 2: Tap ‘Trade’ at the bottom of your app

Step 3: Select your preferred currency (AED or USD)

Step 4: Tap ‘Buy’ and enter the desired gold amount (min. 1 gram)

Step 5: Tap ‘Confirm’

There is no limit to how much gold you can buy on the Equiti Gold app. You can buy grams, ounces, troy ounces or kilos of real gold from your phone. Minimum orders start from as little as 225 AED (approximately US$61, subject to market rates) for one gram of physical gold.

All gold prices are updated constantly in real-time, ensuring that our metal prices are transparent. Real-time gold prices ensure all Equiti Gold users have the latest information at their fingertips for buying and selling gold online, and enable investors to make smarter decisions based on the most current market conditions.

There are lots of good reasons for investing in gold, and Equiti Gold makes it easy to buy/sell gold online, exchange it or have it delivered home. Here’s a few popular reasons for participating in the gold market:

Protects against rising prices: Gold keeps its value over time, which helps when prices go up. So, when money becomes less valuable, gold stays valuable, keeping your buying power steady.

Reduces portfolio risk: Having gold in your investments lowers the chance of losing money all at once because it doesn't move the same way as other assets like stocks or bonds do. This can make it safer for your overall investment plan and increase the likelihood your portfolio will stay profitable.

Retains its value: People all around the world trust that gold will keep its value. It's a rare commodity and is highly liquid (or always in demand), which means it stays valuable even when things get uncertain in the economy as you can count on buyers or sellers being active in the market.

Easy to turn into cash: Gold is easy to sell whenever you need money due to always being in demand. You can trade it in various forms like bars, coins, or through electronic trading. This makes it flexible for turning into cash quickly. This is because gold is used for many things, not just for investing. People use it for jewellery, technology, and even countries keep it in their banks. This makes sure it stays valuable.

Protects your money in hard times: When things get shaky in the world or the economy gets tough, gold usually does well. It's like a safety net for your money and keeps your savings steady. This means gold can be used to hedge against inflation (rising currency prices) or for investment opportunities when there is low volatility in other market sectors.

Helps grow your wealth: Even though gold is mainly for keeping your money safe, it can also grow in value over time. Sometimes, when more people want it or when things change in the world, the price of gold goes up which gives you a chance to make more money.

Remember, before you invest in gold or anything else, think about what you want to do with your money, how much risk you're okay with, and what's happening in the world. Gold can be a good part of your plan, but it's smart to learn more and talk to experts before making big money moves.