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Buy, gift and deliver physical gold from your phone

Access gold investing easily with a free Equiti Gold account and explore a wide range of products for all types of investors.

Invest in gold online

Invest in gold online

Grow your wealth by investing gold online with transparent market prices - from 1g to kilos.

Switch gold with currencies

Switch gold with currencies

Swap gold for Dirham (AED) or US dollar (USD) with fast execution and trusted live market rates.

Gift gold instantly

Gift gold instantly

Gift gold to other Equiti Gold accounts instantly, just tap and scan to transfer assets to their wallet.

Redeem gold bars

Redeem gold bars

Have gold bullion or coins delivered to your chosen location in UAE if you’re holding 50 grams of gold or more.


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Open a free account

Apply with your Emirates ID or passport and buy gold online instantly with bank transfers.

Sign up for free

Sign up for free

All you’ll need is an Emirates ID or passport and the Equiti Gold app to apply for a free account.

Own real gold

Own real gold

Invest in UAEGD certified physical gold from as little as 1 gram (approximately 250 AED).

Grow wealth online

Grow wealth online

Buy and sell online with transparent gold prices or switch it with major currencies like USD.


Equiti Gold Services FAQs

What is gold investing?

Physical gold investing refers to the buying and owning actual gold in the form of gold bars (or bullion), gold coins or other tangible shapes.

This means you can directly own gold that you have purchased online because it is backed by real gold assets which can either be bought or traded on online markets or kept at a secure location, such as the investors home or at storage facilities like a gold vault.

With Equiti Gold, you can also gift gold investments to other app users instantly.

People invest in gold to protect their wealth or grow to their savings because gold usually keeps its worth even if other financial assets, like currencies or stocks, lose value. Another major benefit of gold investing is that it is one of the world’s most popular commodities which means it is easy to sell at anytime.

You can instantly send gold assets to another Equiti Gold user by logging into the app and tapping ‘Gift’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

Once the Gift window appears, scan the Equiti Gold app user’s QR code or enter their username in the fields above. Then enter the amount of gold you’d like to send and tap ‘Confirm’ to instantly gift physical gold to your friends and loved ones.

Login to the Equiti Gold app and tap ‘Redeem’ to request physical gold to be delivered to the location of your choice. You can order 50g to 50kg of gold bullion in a single order, and each order can take up to two working days to arrive if the order is made within Equiti Gold’s outlined working hours.

Physical delivery is currently available solely in the UAE, and all gold bars or coins are UAEGD certified and sourced from investment-grade refineries. Your gold will be minted and stamped upon your request, and you can choose the quality and quantity of gold you’d like delivered.

Please note you will need to be physically present with your Emirates ID or a Passport to receive your gold delivery.

To switch gold assets to stable major currencies like USD and AED, open the Equiti Gold app and tap ‘Exchange’ then enter the amount of gold and select the currency you’d like to exchange it to. You can either exchange gold to currency assets, or exchange currencies to gold assets.

To switch gold for USD, tap ‘Sell’ on the ‘Exchange’ tab and first select the amount of gold you’d like to sell and then select ‘USD’ to exchange it for US Dollars. You can also select other currencies like AED, and all available currencies are visible within the app’s drop down menu. Once you’ve entered your order details, tap ‘Confirm’.

To switch USD for gold, tap ‘Buy’ on the ‘Exchange' tab and first select the amount of US Dollars you’d like to exchange to physical gold. You can also exchange other currencies like AED using the ‘Buy’ button by selecting them in the drop down menu. Once you’ve entered your order details, tap ‘Confirm’.

You can either buy physical gold assets and hold them in your digital wallet by tapping ‘Wallet’ or you can choose to invest in gold digitally.

To buy physical gold and have it delivered, tap ‘Invest’ to first purchase your gold then tap ‘Redeem’ to initiate your gold delivery. All gold is personally minted by UAEGD certified refineries in gold bullion or gold coins.

To buy or sell online gold assets against USD or AED, start by tapping ‘Trade’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of your app screen after you’ve logged in to your Equiti Gold account. Then you can choose to buy or sell by the grams, kilogram or troy ounce (troy oz) with live market rates from the world’s largest exchanges.

Once you’ve reviewed your order, press ‘Confirm’ to update your account balance and the order will be placed instantly.

Yes, all physical gold by Equiti Gold is insured throughout the making and delivery process up until you successfully receive it. Only verified Gold users are able to accept gold deliveries and must present their identification to complete the delivery process.