Ahmed Azzam

Regional Financial Market Analyst


Ahmed is an accomplished and highly respected professional in the financial industry, with a proven track record as a successful trader, trainer, and market analyst. Leveraging his extensive knowledge and expertise in both fundamental and technical analysis, Ahmed has accumulated over 14 years of experience conducting in-depth research and analysis within the financial markets.

As a chartist and fundamentalist, Ahmed has held critical market analyst positions in some of the most reputable firms, including Capital Investments, Noor Al-mal, Falcon Brokers, Fx River, and Borsaat. His exceptional analytical skills and market insights have enabled him to consistently provide valuable recommendations and insights to clients.

Throughout his distinguished career, Ahmed has made significant contributions to the success of numerous educational and analytical initiatives. His ability to provide actionable insights and strategic advice has resulted in his recognition as a thought leader in the industry. Ahmed's unwavering commitment to excellence and his dedication to driving value for clients make him an invaluable asset to any organization.