Raed Alkhedr

Chief Market Analyst


Raed is a highly respected financial professional who has made significant contributions to Equiti Group since assuming his position as Head of Market Research and Analysis in March 2017. Prior to joining Equiti Group, Raed served as the Head of Market Analysis at Amana Capital Dubai from 2011 until February 2017. With over 14 years of experience in financial and economic analysis and research, Raed is a distinguished Financial Analyst and Certified Trainer in the Global Financial Markets.

Raed's expertise lies in combining technical analysis with price behaviour, fundamental analysis, and studying the effects of economic variables on global markets. His unique analytical approach has gained him recognition from numerous TV channels and news agencies, and he has presented many reports, studies, written and visual research, webinars, seminars, and workshops in the Middle East.

Raed has been a regular guest on many well-known channels in the Middle East, including Al Arabiya, Dubai TV, Bloomberg Asharq, CNBC Arabia, and Sky News Arabia, where he appears as an analyst of global financial markets on a weekly basis. Raed's outstanding contributions to the financial industry have been recognized by many reputable institutions. He has been selected for two consecutive years, from 2021-2022, among the 50 most influential people in the global financial markets in the Middle East, according to the classification of Vision Foundation for Economic Studies. Additionally, Raed has been honoured at several financial exhibitions and conferences in MENA countries. With his exceptional knowledge and experience, Raed continues to make a significant impact in the financial industry in the Middle East and beyond.