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Built to amplify exposure to your ETF of choice

Track the performance of underlying securities in biotech, robotics, space exploration, big data, blockchains & more.

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Track investment returns on entire sectors

ETFs are a basket of securities grouped by design, offering exposure to multiple securities from under one umbrella.

Low costs


Hand-selected ETFs from trusted asset managers offer amplified exposure at low cost.


Easy to trade

Grouping securities by design allows you to trade whole sectors from one position.

Distribute risk

Distribute risk

ETFs create automatic risk distribution by trading off underlying assets of sectors.


Typical ETF pricing

Our premium ETFs are selected by trusted asset management firms such as BlackRock.

Name Origin Margin Contract Min/Max Trade size Commission Trading Hours (GMT)
ARKAutoTech US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKFintech US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKGenomRev US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKInnovate US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKInternet US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKSpace US 50% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
iShareCEETF US 20% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
SaudiETF US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00

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Questions about trading ETFs

What are ETF CFDs & how do I trade them?

An Exchange Traded Fund (or ‘ETF’) is a type of financial instrument describing a basket of securities composed of stocks selected by a professional Asset Manager. This ‘basket’ is traded just like a regular stock and can be bought directly of an exchange or traded on live markets. CFD ETFs are designed to track the performance of an underlying list of securities by grouping diversified products by design. This allows traders to easily trade on sectors (like robotics) with exposure to more than one security from a single position without having to own the underlying asset.

Our ETF CFDs are selected by BlackRock & ARK Invest - some of the world’s largest asset management firms. 

Arguably the most popular tool for reducing risk, stop loss orders are designed to limit loss on a security position that’s made an unfavourable move. When you place a stop loss order with a broker, you’re requesting to close the position once the instrument reaches a certain price. This is helpful as it means your trades need less monitoring and can help to limit losses, particularly in volatile markets.

Please also note that a stop loss is by no means a guarantee, positions may be affected by price gaps over market closures, data release or other economic factors.

To see all available products, right click ‘Market Watch’ and select ‘Show all’. 

We offer MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) access which allows traders to access financial markets on mobile, tablet and laptop - so you can trade from the office, a taxi or even your own breakfast table. MetaTrader host some of the world’s most popular trading platforms - offering customisable charts, flexible strategies, and a unique dashboard with Expert Advisor tools that allow you to test your strategies or/and enable automated trading.

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Apply for a CFD trading account by submitting your contact details, personal information (with proof of address), bank statement & trading experience. Once the application is complete & all appropriateness checks are valid, we’ll email you access codes to our client portal. Upon opening the portal with your unique details, you’ll be able to make your first deposit via secure transfer along with your proof of account. 

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